A loight haarted look at th’ Suffolk dialect

Rum Owd Dew is a light hearted look at the Suffok Dialect.
That is to say, we look at the dialect, the culture and the humour of the Suffolk people.

For example: “Dew yew wanna laarn more bowt Suff’k?”

rum owd dew

/rʌm · əʊld · dʒuː/

  1. direct translation: “funny (peculiar) old situation”
  2. An event or situation that is strange or disreputable
    “Well thas a rum owd dew hint ut!?”


Latest Articles

Here are the latest articles from Rum Owd Dew. If you have any stories or suggestions, do contact us. Above all, we hope you have fun reading them!

Train journey

The Train Journey

The Story of an old farmer in his late eighties/early nineties, he wasn’t quite sure which, who took a train journey. He said that he had lived in his village since the day he was born, never been anywhere else.

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Charsfield School 1920

Larn’un Suff’k (Part 1)

In this two part article, we take look at the Suffolk dialect with a view to Larn’un Suff’lk (learning Suffolk), understanding some of the many idiosyncrasies of grammar, the expressions and the reasons why Suffolk is sometimes ridiculed by furreners.

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